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Working Dog Photography Hints & Tips

Working Dogs are usually large and require plenty of outdoor exercise which creates an ideal scenario for dog photography. The Working Dog group is made up of a diverse set of highly intelligent breeds which can perform a wide variety of tasks. Working Dogs with a fearless nature coupled with a sturdy and powerful build make good Guard, Search and Rescue, Military, Police, and farm dogs although can be kept in homes if given consistent training, lots of exercise and a structured life.

Agility Dog Photographer

Outdoors is the perfect location for working dog photography. To plan your pet photo shoot in advance –

  • Decide on a picturesque location such as a riverside, beach, woodland or garden where you can take photographs of your dog
  • Check the weather forecast and choose a day when good natural light is forecast which is essential for taking good pet photographs.
  • Consider safety – if your working dog is not used to being around other animals and people keep them on a lead but remember to try and hide it behind them if you don’t want it to show on your dog’s photographs.

Whilst it is good to take photographs of your working dog posing, playing or even working in a scenic location try to take some head shots too:

  • Kneel down and position your camera viewfinder level with your dogs head
  • Zoom in with your lens and fill the frame with your dogs head but be careful not to cut out tips of their ears.
  • Choose a wide aperture such as f 5.6 (or portrait mode on your camera) to create a blurred background
  • Try to make sure your dogs eyes are wide open and in focus
  • If photographing your dog in bright sunlight make sure they are not looking directly into the sun which might make them squint.
  • To create an interesting composition try to place your dog ‘s eyes/nose slightly off centre rather than in the middle of the frame.

Debbie Whitfield Dog Photographer        Boxer Dog Photograph

I hope you enjoy trying out some of these photography ideas with your Working Dogs – this is the 7th in my series of Blogs about photographing all of the Kennel Club dog breed groups. Click Here for Utility Dog Photography Ideas, Click Here to read about How to Photograph Toy Dog Breeds, Click Here to read about How to Photograph Terriers, Click Here for Ideas to Photograph Pastoral Dogs, Click Here for Gundog Photography, Click Here for Hound Dog Photography Hints & Tips

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