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How to Take Photographs of Terriers

The Terrier Breed Group is interesting to photograph as it includes a wide variety of small to medium sized dogs often with a feisty and tenacious temperament. This wide ranging group of dogs includes the medium sized Airedale Terrier, the stocky Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the smaller Jack Russell Terrier to name but a few.

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Photograph

One of the most famous of the Terrier Breeds is probably the Skye Terrier known as “Grey Friars Bobby”. As the story goes when his owner John Gray died in 1858 Bobby resided at his grave in Grey Friars Graveyard, Edinburgh until he died himself 14 years later.

As Terriers were originally bred to flush vermin such as foxes, badgers and rats from underground burrows and dens they often still show characteristic behaviour traits of barking and yapping loudly. To take pictures of your dogs showing these characteristics

  • Kneel or even lie down low (depending on how tall your Terrier is) so that you are level with their eye line
  • Ask someone to squeak or throw their favourite toy if it encourages them to bark
  • Use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action of your Terrier barking

Deb's Dog Photos Debbie Whitfield

To use attractive seasonal foliage as a backdrop for your Terrier photographs;

  • Find a suitable location with seasonal flowers or shrubs.
  • Choose bright flowers which contrast with the colour of your Terriers coat
  • Capture posed pet portraits by positioning your Terrier in front of the foliage
  • Take action photographs of your dog running through a field of Buttercups or Rapeseed

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Debs Dog Photos                            Dog Photographer Debbie whitfield

A Tartan blanket would be an attractive and appropriate prop for photographing one of the Scottish Breeds (such as a West Highland or Scottish Terrier)

  • Ideally lay the blanket outside were you can position your dog on it in good natural sunlight.
  • Try to gain direct eye contact with your dog when you take their photograph
  • If you have to be indoors cover a comfortable armchair with a tartan blanket and try to use light from a window rather than flash to light the scene.

I hope you enjoy trying out some of these photography ideas with your Terriers – this is the 4th in my series of Blogs about photographing all of the Kennel Club dog breed groups. Click Here to read about How to Take Photographs of Pastoral Dogs, Click Here for Gundog Photography, Click Here to read about Hound Dog Photography Hints & Tips and watch this space in the next few weeks for Toy, Utility and Working Dog Groups!

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