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Hints and Tips for Successful Hound Dog Photography

The Hound Dog Breeds are a very diverse group ranging from the tall elegant Afghan Hound to the short legged Miniature Dachshund with many more shapes and sizes in between.

Hound Dogs usually make reliable pets but were originally hunting dogs so may show instinctual hunting behaviour. Scent Hounds such as the Bloodhound and Foxhound have a keen sense of smell and are study and tough. Sight Hounds like the Whippet and Greyhound have incredibly sharp sight and are sleek and speedy, whilst the Spitz Hounds including the Basenji and Finnish Spitz have a strong combination of both scent and sight.

Debbie Whitfield

All hounds enjoy outdoor activity and natural light creates the best light for dog photography so choose a fine day to take your hound dog into a garden, local park or countryside and try out these ideas to take some great pet photographs of your dog(s):

    1. Always groom your Hound dog(s) to make sure they are looking their best before you take their photo
    2. Switch of your flash – make sure your dog is positioned in good natural light
    3. Kneel down to a position whereby you are level with your dog’s eye line
    4. If possible gain direct eye contact with your dog whilst you take their picture
    5. Take photos of your dog in different positions – sitting, standing, lying down

Puppy Photographer Debbie Whitfield

The sleek long nose of a Whippet or Greyhound makes a particularly good profile shot. To capture an interesting profile head shot of your Hound Dog:

  1. Position your dog looking to one side
  2. Zoom in with your lens
  3. Fill the viewfinder with your dogs head (be careful not to cut off tips of ears)
  4. Use a wide aperture such as f 5.6 (or portrait mode on your camera)
  5. Make sure your dog’s eyes are in focus

Debs Dog Photos

Hound Dogs are usually very active and capable of running at rocket speed with outstanding stamina so are good at agility, racing and hunting. To capture creative pet photographs of your Hound dog in action:

  1. Try to anticipate your dogs movement and where to point your camera
  2. Position yourself safely with your camera pointing in the right direction
  3. Use a fast shutter speed of at least 1/500th second (or sports mode) to freeze action
  4. Use continuous shooting mode to capture a sequence of action photographs

Deb's dog Photos

I hope you enjoy trying out these Dog Photography Hints and Tips with Your Hound Dogs – this is the 2nd Blog in my Series of┬áDog Photography Hints and Tips, Click Here to read about Gundog Photography Ideas and Watch This Space in the Next Few Weeks for the Pastoral, Terriers, Toy, Utility and Working Dog Groups!

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