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Utility Dog Photography Hints & Tips

It is interesting to take photographs of dogs in The Utility Group as it is the most diverse of all the KC Groups. It includes a wide variety of dogs which were originally bred for a specific purpose but are not included in the Kennel Club’s sporting or working categories. The three different sizes of Poodle, both the British and French Bulldogs and the Shih Tzu as well as many other breeds of dog which don’t fit into any of the other KC Categories are assigned to the Utility Group .

French Bulldog

Whilst most dogs in the Utility group were originally bred to perform a specific function they are more commonly kept as domestic pets nowadays, but may still show some of the instinctive traits. To capture your Utility Breeds personality you could try to take photographs of your dog showing these behavioural instincts.

  • The distinctive Dalmatian which featured in “The 101 Dalmatians” novel by Dodie Smith and subsequent animated films was originally bred to accompany horses with carriages on their travels. Even a domestic house Dalmatian will have endless energy so try to photograph them in action.

Debbie Whitfield Pet Photographer

  • The Bulldog which is well known as the National dog of GB was originally bred for now illegal bull bating therefore is physically strong and powerful and sometimes stubborn. The instantly recognisable wrinkled face and flat nose can make Bulldogs appear comical and stern at times making them quite photogenic for pet photography.

Pet Photographer Cumbria

Always make sure your Utility Dogs are well groomed so that they are looking their best before you take their pet photographs. Wide eyes are particularly important when capturing cute pet photos so when taking photographs of your dog remember to:

  • Avoid taking pictures of your dog looking straight into the sun as they may squint
  • Squeak a favourite toy to attract your dog’s attention
  • Kneel or lie down depending on your dogs height to gain direct eye contact
  • Avoid using flash which can cause a strange green glow in dog’s eyes

I hope you enjoy trying out some of these photography ideas with your Utility Dogs – this is the 6th in my series of Blogs about photographing all of the Kennel Club dog breed groups. Click Here to read about How to Photograph Toy Dog Breeds, Click Here to read about How to Photograph Terriers, Click Here for Ideas to Photograph Pastoral Dogs, Click Here for Gundog Photography, Click Here for Hound Dog Photography Hints & Tips and watch this space in the next few weeks for the Working Dog Group!

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