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Capturing Your Pet’s Personality

Please print this page (right click & select Print) and fill in the form. Click on relevant pet photo in gallery to find its Photo No – all products maybe viewed on my Products Page. Alternatively clearly write a note stating Product(s) required and corresponding Photo no(s) referring to form below and include your Postal Address and Telephone No./Email.   E.g.  2 Small Mounted Prints @ £7.75 each, Photo No’s 2,5 + 1 Photo Keyring @ £6, Photo No 7 = £20 + £2.50 P & P = £23.75

Postage & Packing – Orders of 1 or 2 Small Mounted Print(s) and/or 1 or 2 Photo Keyring(s) or 3 Packs of Greetings Cards (i.e. any combination of up to 2 Small Mounted Prints and up to 2 Keyrings – maximum of 2 Small Mounted Prints and 2 Photo Keyrings or 3 Packs of Greetings Cards) £2.50  All other orders except orders including Framed/Canvas Prints £4.50 Orders Including Framed/Canvas Prints £10 (mainland UK only) FREE Delivery within 5 miles of Dalston, Cumbria including central Carlisle.

Your Name & Your Pets Name:

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NB Photo No(s) are found by clicking on relevant photo in gallery.

If you were attending a Dog Show/Club when photos were taken please state which one:

Product Price White, Black or Beech (for Frames only) Photo No(s) Amount
Small Classic Framed Print (21.5cm x 26.5cm) £24 each
Medium Classic Framed Prints (29.5cm x 34cm) £32 each
Large Classic Framed Prints (44.5m x 34cm) £37.50 each
Small Contemporary Framed Prints (25.5cm x 30.5cm) £28.75 each
Medium Contemporary Framed Prints (33cm x 38cm) £38.75 each
Large Contemporary Framed Prints (38cm x 48cm) £48.75 each
Small Mounted Prints (18 cm x 23cm) £7.75 each
Medium Mounted Prints (25.5cm x 30.5cm)   £12.75 each
Large Mounted Prints (30.5cm x 40.5cm)  £15.75 each
Large Double Mounted Print (30.5cm x 40.5cm)                        2 Oval Photos £21 each
Classic Framed Double Mounted Print (44.5m x 34cm)             2 Oval Photos £42 each
Contemporary Framed Double Mounted Print (38cm x 48cm)  2 Oval Photos £52
Large Quartet Mounted Print (30.5cm x 40.5cm) with 4 photos £24
Classic Framed Quartet Mounted Print (44.5m x 34cm) with 4 photos £45
Contemporary Framed Double Mounted Print (38cm x 48cm) with 4 photos £55
Small Canvas Prints (8 x 12 inches) £44 each
Medium Canvas Prints (15 x 10 inches) £50 each
Large Canvas Prints (16 x 12 inches) £60 each
Photo Keyrings (8cm x 5.5cm) £6 or 2 for £10
Photo Rulers (15cm/6 inch)  £5 each
Customised Coaster Sets (4 Customised Coasters with Stand) £25 per set
Customised Cards (Pack of 8 Customised Cards with Envelopes)) £9.99 per pack
Pet Name in a Frame (68-78cm x 28cm) Please State as Many Photo No’s as Possible to Include in Montage  £75- £200 depending on complexity -(a quote will be forwarded)
5 Hi Res Digital Images on CD

12 Hi Res Digital Images on CD

Full Gallery of Hi Res Digital Images on CD

P & P (Mainland UK Only)Orders of 1 or 2 Small Mounted Print(s) and/or 1 or 2 Keyring(s) i.e any combination of  up to 2 Small Mounted Prints and 2 Keyrings  = £2.50 All other orders except Framed/Canvas Prints = £4.50 Orders including Framed/Canvas Prints  = £10   FREE Delivery within 5 miles of Dalston, Cumbria  £2.50 Small Package £4.50 Large Package £10 Frames/Canvases   or FREE within 5 miles Dalston 


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   TOTAL AMOUNT PAYBLE =                                                                                                        

   Please make cheque payable to Debbie Whitfield and post with this form to Debbie Whitfield, Orton Rigg Farm, Great Orton, Carlisle, Cumbria CA5 6LL. Your order will be dispatched when payment is cleared.   

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