French Bulldog Becomes Britain’s Most Popular Dog

French Bulldogs are becoming more popular in UK than Labradors and smaller classic breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier and Cocker Spaniel.

As a professional dog photographer I have frequently photographed French Bulldogs particularly at the Kennel Club Award Winning K9 Academy, North Shields so know how adorable and intelligent they can be. Their small statue, adorable appearance (Bat Ears, huge dark eyes and a long tongue) coupled with a an affectionate nature makes Frenchies an ideal breed for people who live in smaller houses and flats.


Celebrities such as The Beckhams and Lady Gaga may have made the French Bulldog a trendy choice as a lapdog/handbag dog but this is not a good reason to keep one – as is the reality with any dog you need to realise they are a life-long pet not a commodity. The reality is possible expensive vet bills – defiantly paws prints on floors, dog hairs on furniture and going on dog walks in all weathers: The Kennel Club recommends exercising French Bulldogs for at least one hour per day and grooming of the short coat once a week.

With the rising popularity of the French Bulldog beware of unscrupulous breeders who may be tempted to make a quick buck – possibly charging thousands of pounds per pup. By choosing to buy from KC Assured Breeders you will be sure your French Bulldog will be healthy and well socialised.

As a pet photographed based in Cumbria, Northern England experienced at photographing French Bulldogs I thought I would share a few tips to help you capture your Frenchie’s personality!

  • Get down on your knees, or even lie down so that you are directly level with your French Bulldog’s eyes
  • Squeak a favourite toy to get their attention
  • Set your camera on continuous shooting mode and take a quick succession of photographs of your dog which you can choose the best from
  • Capture photographs of your dog in different positions (sitting, standing, close up head shots)
  • Capture photographs of all the different expressions your French Bulldog makes to capture his/her unique personality.french-bulldog-debsdogphotos

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article regarding the pros and pit falls of the rising popularity of the French Bulldog in UK and gained some pet photography tips. Feel free to leave a comment below and/or Follow my Blog for more Dog Friendly Articles and Pet Photography Hints & Tips.

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