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How to Improve Your Pet Photography with Maggie

Deb took me to some ancient English Woodlands in Cumbria today to do some pet photography as she is a pet photographer. She told me to “Sit” (I know what that word means now) in some attractive flowers amongst the undergrowth of the trees whilst she kneeled down to capture some pet photographs of me.

Deb's Dog Photos

It was much more fun to run around the tree trunks so Deb took some photographs of me running, jumping and carrying a big stick, this was a bit more difficult for her. Deb needed to select a fast shutter speed to capture some photographs of me frozen in motion – she had to use a fast shutter speed of more than 1/500 of a second.

17   Debbie Whitfield Pet Photographer Cumbria   Dog Photography

Then Deb zoomed in with her telephoto lens to capture some headshots of me. I’ve got piercing yellow eyes which contrast with my red coat as I’m a Red and White Border Collie Dog.

Pet Photographer Cumbria

Take your dog to a scenic location or even your garden if you have one and capture photographs of them in lots of different poses and positions to create an interesting portfolio of pet photographs – try lots of different shutter speeds or select Sports/Action Mode on your compact camera to capture photographs of your pet running. Remember the more you practice the more you will improve your pet photography ! Speak Soon “Woof Woof” Maggie

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Maggie’s Seaside Sillouette Pet Photography

This evening I had my first visit to the seaside at Allonby, Cumbria whilst Deb captured some silhouette photography. The sun was setting low in the sky just  above the Scottish fells across the Estuary of the Solway Firth.  Ripples and tidal patterns formed as the sea gently lapped the sand, well that was before I started splashing around in it! It was fun paddling in the water but my coat got very wet and I needed to violently shake all of the sea water and sand off myself and onto Deb and Bev!

sunset, Allonby, Cumbria    silhouette photography, cumbria

Deb captured some stunning silhouettes with the sunset in the background – when you take photographs directly into a sunset your camera creates silhouettes as it underexposes the subject in front of the bright sun light.

Debs Dog Photos, pet photographer Cumbria

Speak Soon – Woof! Woof! Maggie

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Maggie’s Dog Photography Moments

My fluffy red fur has transformed into luscious long hair and my tail has become bushy with a white tip. I arrived here at Orton Rigg Farm, nr Carlisle, Cumbria on 21st February 2015, I’m not a fox but as you can see from my photographs I’m a Red and White Border Collie pup called Maggie!

pet photography Cumbria

I’ve got lots of places to explore and play – there’s the garden, a few fields and even a little wood with lots of trees! The garden is just great for digging holes and they (the humans who look after me) provide flowers for me to dig up and eat – so kind of them! They also peg brightly coloured laundry up on a line for me to jump up at and pull down to the ground!

Deb's dog photosBorder Collie Dog  Red and White Border Collie

At a certain corner of the garden , Deb (one of my humans) sometimes talks to another (invisible) dog called Boy and tears roll down her cheeks, she also throws balls around for me to catch but I prefer to try and catch the birds out of the sky! The swallows dive low into the garden but I have never caught one yet because they fly very fast ! Deb is a pet photographer (I don’t really know what that means), but she always has a black machine strapped around her neck which she sometimes points and clicks at me !? Woof! Woof!  Maggie

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